Prep for new concrete floor with drainage and retaining wall in st leonards on sea.

Concrete floor with drainage and 230mm retaining wall in st leonards on sea for disabled access.

Cooden beach . The start of the preparation work for the patio .

Cooden beach . Laying the concrete for the slabbing .

Cooden beach . The laying of slabs and raised flower beds .

Cooden beach . We cut an octagon out of the slabs for a land drain .

Combe Haven Hastings. Renewing of patio for a holiday home.

Combe Haven Hastings. Part way through slabbing .

Combe Haven Hastings. Finish of slabbing .

Hastings sussex. New entrance for easy access.

Hastings sussex. Laying bricks for wall and steps.

Hastings sussex. Re laying new bricks for porch.

Hastings sussex. Finish of the entrance.

Hastings sussex. Finish of entrance

Cantelupe road Bexhill .The start of renovation works replacing 3 oak beams and the right hand side of the bay.

Cantelupe road bexhill. You can see that the right hand side of the bay is no longer attrached  to the front and the old beams are in a poor way.


Cantelupe road Bexhill. This is just to show the size of the oak beams that are going in.

Cantelupe road Bexhill. One beam in place as you can see we had to remove the side of the house to remove the beam and insert the new.

Cantelupe road Bexhill. left hand side cantilever timber and cross beam in place .

Cantelupe road Bexhill. All beams in place first coat of render on new wall on right hand side of bay acrows removed. 

Cantelupe road Bexhill. The shaping of the end of the cantileving timbers.

Cantelupe road Bexhill. scaffold removed all finished and painted.

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